yg entertainment’s new instructor: choi seunghyun 
maknae ria: *we’re doomed*

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red roc feat. t.o.p - hello mv // part 1

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TOP’s incredibly long legs ◡ω◡✿




cr for pics: coupdetop (instagram); _ChrisRui_ (weibo), HUI (blog.naver)

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▲ T-EC challenge: TOP » favourite performances [2/5]

» this was one of the first bigbang videos i’ve seen and i still remember how impressed i was to see such an amazing live performance by a rapper. the power and emotions of his voice let me feel the painful lyrics in my heart. this is the video that made him my bias.


TOP vs TOP facebook.


why all of his pic is so close up.. fml ಥ‿ಥ