[TO:URIMAGINATION] TOP - Unreleased KTO Photoshoot 

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happy 8th anniversary bigbang! words cannot describe how proud i am of you guys. from all of your awards to solo accomplishments, each and every award or praise was well deserved. as a vip, nothing makes me happier than seeing the smiles on your face. congratulations, and i hope that we will be able to celebrate your anniversary for many years to come. {insp}

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can I consider his aggressive hands moves as official DOOM DADA choreography 

2006~2014: Happy 8th Anniversary, Big Bang! ♔#8IGBANG

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"BIGBANG 8th anniversary !! Keep 8ollowing me(us) ~!!" -DaeSung-

"Is it real 8th anniversary.. We have many things to be done yet ^_^ Always thank you !"

"Those who have been with BIGBANG for 8 years ! Thank you ! For happy tomorrow(days) ahead !!"

"8th anniversary.. I’m still strong/lively…!"

"To celebrate 8th anni ! Let’s meet each other now.. I can’t wait any more.. Let us meet" -SR-

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#8IGBANG ; Until Whenever.

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happy 8th anniversary bigbang~